Vladimir Poochin

2018 Wacky Dog Name Nominee

Mia Hanson and her husband, Zach Werner of Everett, Washington, were searching for a dog that could endure specialized training, when they came across a pup that fit their vision.

The couple welcomed an eight week old Native American Village Dog into their home in December 2016 and knew from the beginning he was the perfect fit. Now that they had their dream dog, they had to find a fitting moniker for their calm and compassionate pup. Mia grew up with a generation of cats aptly named after former dictators, and knew that would influence their new puppy's name.

"Zach and I were joking about the name Vladimir Poochin because it had a nice ring to it," said Mia. "It's made us laugh ever since and it suits him well."

In the year that Vladimir Poochin has been part of their family, he has grown into a cautious and boisterous goofball. He has even learned a trick or two, including jumping enthusiastically into a starfish position on command. If you think he's tired, one quick glance at the way he walks and you’ll know the answer. If you see Vladimir Poochin dragging his back legs, chances are it's because he's ready for bed.

Mia and Zach first learned of pet insurance when it was offered as a benefit through her employer and have since signed up Vladimir Poochin and their cat, Bandit, with Nationwide.

"Having pet insurance is the smartest thing we did for our fur babies," said Mia. "The insurance has helped us manage the costs of having pets, especially when they get into trouble. That can be pretty expensive."

Mia Hanson and Zach Werner Nationwide members since 2015


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