Sir Lix a Lot

2018 Wacky Dog Name Nominee

Growing up with big dogs, Rebecca Macias of Davis, California, had every intention of adopting another big dog when the time came. Rebecca went to a local rescue group at University of California, Davis where she planned to adopt a big dog, but unbeknownst to her, there was only a tiny black Chihuahua-Jack Russell mix available. Rebecca immediately fell in love and brought him home to meet her Chihuahua, Pink Floyd. After finding the perfect new addition to her family, the only thing left to find was the perfect name.

"I love all genres of music, including old school rap," said Rebecca. "He's always giving kisses and licking everyone so I knew that had to be part of his name. I thought of an old school rap artist I like, Sir-Mix-a-Lot, and combined it with his love of licking and came up with Sir Lix a Lot."

In the two years that Sir Lix a Lot has been a part of Rebecca's family, he has proven to be a faithful companion to the entire brood, especially Rebecca's 4-year-old daughter. Though Sir Lix a Lot has not mastered English, Rebecca admits he is learning and knows how to say "hello there" and "I want a treat."

Shortly after adopting Sir Lix a Lot, Rebecca purchased Nationwide pet insurance for him after a recommendation from her veterinarian.

"I regret not having pet insurance on any of my previous pets," said Rebecca. "It is a must have for all our pets. Having pet insurance allows us to make medical decisions for our pets based on the veterinarian's recommendation rather than our pocket book."

Rebecca Macias Nationwide member since 2015


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