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*Some exclusions may apply. Certain coverages may be subject to pre-existing exclusion. See policy documents for a complete list of exclusions. Plans may not be available in all states. Premiums vary based on the age of the pet, species, size (as an adult), plan type, deductible and state of residence. Wellness plans not available in all states.

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    Jaxon's deer antler dinner

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    Winston's hair tie horror

  • 150 lbs healthier

    Romo's million vet visits

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“Peace of mind and then some”

Our eight month old puppy broke his leg and then two weeks later required a second surgery. The expense was tremendous but with Nationwide we knew we could seek the absolute best surgeon and veterinary care. Yesterday he had his discharge radiograph and he is on his way to full recovery. We have insured all our pets with Nationwide/VPI for more than 15 years. They have, on EVERY occasion, been there, no questions asked, with fantastic customer services, benefits as promised and seeming genuine care. Our dogs and our family are truly grateful.

Pet Parent of Bacchus

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