Sylvester Stud Puddin Pop

2018 Wacky Dog Name Nominee

Danielle Morgan of Commerce Township, Michigan, was looking forward to her initial foray as a pet parent and found a handsome little pug to bring home with her, but found it difficult to name him.

Danielle knew she wanted to incorporate 'Stud' into her little one's name and started with Stud Muffin. Unable to keep that name, Danielle went back to the drawing board and landed on Sylvester Stud. While that name was a mighty contender, it didn't completely fit her dog.

"I was looking at him one day and thought he looked like the popsicle treats, Pudding Pops," said Danielle. "He loves to eat, and I knew that had to be a part of his name. I put everything together and came up with Sylvester Stud Puddin Pop."

Danielle knew since the day she brought him home that he was no doubt her dog. With a personality identical to hers, from the outgoing and energetic side to the rolling eyes, Sylvester Stud Puddin Pop has even proven to be her "partner in crime" by using his good looks to help Danielle get out of a speeding ticket.

Though this loud snoring pug has been healthy, Danielle made sure to get pet insurance for those unforeseen events.

"I've seen the cost of veterinary bills and they are not cheap,” said Danielle. "I knew I needed to have pet insurance for him and I’m glad I do."

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