Winston Purrchill

2017 Wacky Cat Name Nominee

After adopting a 6-month-old kitten from a rescue organization, Laura Denenholz of Pasadena, California began searching the internet for the perfect pet name. On a mission to find a fun and pun filled moniker, Laura stumbled upon a list of names with twists on historical figures. She liked the idea, but didn’t see any that suited the cheerful cat. However, after seeing different word plays for Winston Churchill, Laura thought of the perfect moniker – Winston Purrchill.

"I thought Winston suited him well, but I wanted his name to be unique," said Laura. "The name just kind of came to me, and it fit perfectly. People love it and it's received quite a few laughs."

Since joining his new family, Winston Purrchill has grown into an energetic and slightly mischievous cat. He loves playing with his feline brother Rocket Man and has been known to play with his toys by himself for hours on end.

Laura signed Winston Purrchill and his four-legged siblings up for pet insurance through Nationwide to help defray medical costs.

"My sister is a veterinarian and I know how much veterinary expenses can be," said Laura. "I definitely recommend pet insurance. It's been great for us."

Laura Denenholz Nationwide member since 2013


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