Obi Wan Catnobi

2017 Wacky Cat Name Nominee

Years ago, while living in Spain with her future husband, Ellen Stein of Chicago, Illinois was given the opportunity to adopt a kitten. A neighborhood friend had found a stray tomcat running around the streets of Spain and Ellen gladly opened her home. As huge fans of the "Star Wars" films, Ellen and her husband tossed around movie related names until one moniker stuck perfectly – Obi Wan Catnobi.

"I feel like your pet's name should represent something that you enjoy," said Ellen. "You're around your pets all the time and they’re part of the family so I feel like it’s important that their name should make you smile."

Obi Wan Catnobi has since traveled with his family to the United States, where he enjoys guarding his fortress from his mighty cat tower and playing with his cat cousins. Obi Wan Catnobi is no longer a kitten and has grown into a gentle giant that craves affection.

Ellen signed Obi Wan Catnobi up for pet insurance through Nationwide as soon as she found out insurance was offered for cats.

"I know how expensive health care can be for both humans and pets," said Ellen. "Having pet insurance helps us stay financially protected for any future medical situations Obi Wan Catnobi may have."

Ellen Stein Nationwide member since 2016


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