Little Booty Ham Sandwich

2017 Wacky Cat Name Winner

Newlyweds Yessenia and Sean Savage of San Lorenzo, California had no plans of adopting a kitten the day after returning from their honeymoon. But when a stray kitten literally jumped into Yessenia's arms outside their house, they were left with little choice. After agreeing to keep the kitten, the duo brainstormed different monikers, but had trouble finding the right fit.

"We were discussing names when the kitten walked away from us and I mentioned to Sean that she had had a cute little booty," said Yessenia. "My husband was not in agreement with that as a name, so I suggested 'Ham Sandwich'. My thought was you can ever go wrong with a ham sandwich when you're hungry, so why not for a pet name?"

The couple jokingly put the two together and molded the pieces into the full moniker: Little Booty Ham Sandwich.

"It's a silly name, but we love it," said Yessenia. "Her name definitely gets a lot of confused looks, but it always turns into smiles and laughs. I've always wanted to have a pet with an unusual name, so it worked out."

Little Booty Ham Sandwich has now grown into a loving cat that enjoys playing and cuddling with her canine siblings. She even has a neighborhood cat boyfriend that visits her at the front door every day.

Yessenia signed Little Booty Ham Sandwich up for pet insurance from Nationwide after seeing it available as a voluntary benefit at work.

"I work in the veterinary field and I see how expensive veterinary bills can be," said Yessenia. "It is important that our pets are covered to offset medical costs we may incur."

Yessenia Savage Nationwide member since 2017


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