Dog the Cat

2017 Wacky Cat Name Nominee

For the last 25 years, Susan Walen of Atlanta, Georgia has primarily owned dogs. So when she brought a new Sphynx kitten into the family, she had some trouble adjusting to the change in communications.

"The first week that she lived with me I kept saying 'here puppy,'" said Susan. "After a while, I decided to base her name of off it and I came up with Dog the Cat. It really fits her too, because she acts more like a dog than a cat."

Dog the Cat has now grown into a sweet and affectionate cat that loves to play with a vast array of toys and chase around her younger Sphynx brother. Dog the Cat’s unique name has sparked many odd looks and spontaneous laughs, especially at the veterinary office.

"Her name confuses everyone at the veterinary office," said Susan. "The front desk people always think it's an error and pause before calling her name. It's always fun to see people's reactions to her name. It's part of her persona now."

Susan signed Dog the Cat up for pet insurance from Nationwide to help protect against any medical issues she may face due to the uniqueness of the hairless breed.

Susan Walen Nationwide member since 2015


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