Lieutenant Colonel Be Back Soon

2016 Wacky Dog Name Nominee

Mark and Ashley Smith of Summerville, S. Car. have always come up with incredibly unique names for their dogs, so when they added a young Black Labrador puppy to the family, the search for the perfect moniker began. The Smith's like to incorporate aspects that represent their family traits and with Mark being a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, Ashley came up with a perfect idea.

"We liked 'Lieutenant Colonel' because it represented what Mark has accomplished and because we really liked the sound of 'Lieut' as a nickname," said Ashley. "We came up with 'Be Back Soon' because every time Mark has to leave for duty he always tells the kids 'I love you and I'll be back soon.' So we put it all together and came up with Lieutenant Colonel Be Back Soon."

Lieutenant Colonel Be Back Soon has joined the lineage of incredible pet names that the Smith's have created, including their previous dog's name, Captain Morgan's Moonlight Flight.

Lieutenant Colonel Be Back Soon loves the outdoors and going on the family's crab fishing boat. He's still young and curious, which has landed him in some trouble, including a time when he jumped off the family boat and retrieved a crab fishing cage. Lieutenant Colonel Be Back Soon's mischievous ways have also caused some medical scares including the time he swallowed a pair of socks, which is what prompted the Smith’s to purchase pet insurance from Nationwide.

“We absolutely recommend pet insurance,” said Ashley. “Especially for people who have dogs that like to steal and eat clothes like ours does.”

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