Smiley Cyrus

2015 Wacky Dog Name Nominee

When deciding what to name her new Chihuahua, Crystal Coker of Bedford, TX., noticed the puppy had a huge ear-to-ear smile and started calling her “Smiley.” Shortly after seeing her sassy attitude and playing around with some puns, the name “Smiley Cyrus” was born.

“She’s a total diva with a huge smile,” said Crystal. “After getting to know her a little bit, it just kind of hit us. We always try to have unique names for our pets and that just seemed to suit her.”

Smiley Cyrus spends her days bossing her brother cat and sister dog around. She loves to relax on the couch most of the time, but she has been known to get cases of the “zoomies” and run around the house uncontrollably. Crystal likes to take Smiley Cyrus on adventures from time to time and always makes sure she’s dressed to impress.

Crystal is a veterinary technician and has seen firsthand how pet insurance can help pet owners during times of need, which is why she signed Smiley Cyrus up with Nationwide immediately after adopting her.

“I think pet insurance from Nationwide is a valuable resource for all pet owners, especially in times of an emergency,” said Crystal. “Having pet insurance makes it easier to make tough medical decisions with our pets’ best interest in mind.”

Crystal Coker Nationwide member since 2014


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