Rosie Picklebottom

2015 Wacky Dog Name Nominee

When Heather Krieger of Springfield, N.J. brought a new Dachshund puppy home to her family, she turned to her two young children for suggestions on a name. After hearing random recommendations like “shoe,” she decided to lend some guidance by asking them to describe what the puppy looked like. The family determined that her long and lengthy torso made her look like a pickle and that her long hair had a red tint, which led to the name “Rosie Pickle.” Heather then pointed out that Rosie had a cute little puppy bottom and the name “Rosie Picklebottom” was born.

“I think every dog should have a unique name,” said Heather. “Especially when you have kids and you know that this is going to be there childhood dog. It’s important that her name is memorable.”

Still just a puppy, Rosie loves playing with her human siblings and has been known to cry until she is played with. It’s also not uncommon to see her being pulled around in a wagon.

“Rosie is such a lovable and loyal dog,” said Heather. She’s great with the kids and wants nothing more than to be loved. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog.”

Heather purchased pet insurance from Nationwide last year just after adopting Rosie and recommends it to all new pet owners.

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