Bizkit Au Chocolat

2015 Wacky Dog Name Nominee

When Kathy Kolder of San Jose, Calif., brought home the family’s new female chocolate Labrador retriever puppy, she already had a name in mind. Kathy loves Paris and wanted the name to have French flair. She came up with “Biscuit Au Chocolat,” which in French means “chocolate cookie,” and seemed fitting with the puppy’s coat. However, Kathy quickly realized that her young son couldn’t properly annunciate the French moniker. That’s when Kathy decided to Americanize the name a bit and change it to “Bizkit Au Chocolat” to reflect her son’s version.

“We’ve always had unique names for our dogs,” said Kathy. “Even though it doesn’t really make sense from a translation standpoint, we think it’s ideal for her. We even decided to give it a child’s spelling since the name was my son’s idea and that’s how he pronounced it.”

Bizkit is incredibly social and sweet. She loves meeting new people and dogs, and even lays down when she meets smaller dogs to help them remain calm. She spends every day with her black Labrador retriever brother, and inseparable best friend, Kona Au Noir. Kathy purchased pet insurance from Nationwide to help with unexpected accidents and is grateful she did.

“Pet insurance from Nationwide has been amazing for us,” said Kathy. “It helped tremendously when Bizkit got into some rat poison and again when she needed ACL surgery. We couldn’t be happier with it.”

Kathy Kolder Nationwide member since 2010


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