2015 Wacky Cat Name Nominee

When Annette Perrin of Rochester, N.Y., first brought her new kitty home, she wasn’t quite sure what to name her. Annette had always enjoyed giving her animals unique names, but needed some inspiration. However, it didn’t take long after she saw the kitty jump on the counter to drink water from a running faucet. Curiously, Annette stood back to watch when suddenly the new kitty finished drinking, walked over to a hanging hand towel and used it to wipe her face.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” said Annette. “She wiped her face like she had proper drinking etiquette and just looked so sophisticated. I knew at that moment, that her name needed to be Sophistikitty.”

Now 10 years old, Sophistikitty is a very dainty and loving cat. She seldom plays with her sister Cleocatra and prefers to be in Annette’s arms as much as possible. To this day, she still drinks from the faucet and Annette has kept the towel as a keepsake.

Annette began insuring all of her pets with Nationwide after getting a large veterinary bill for one of her dogs and feels that it’s an important resource for pet owners.

“I absolutely love Nationwide,” said Annette. “As a pet owner, having pet insurance gives me peace of mind and I recommend it to everyone.”

Annette Perrin Nationwide member since 2011


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Wackiest Cat Names

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