Agent Jack Meower

2016 Wacky Cat Name Nominee

Derek Klingel of Stroudsburg, Pa. is a big fan of the show "24," which stars actor Keifer Sutherland playing a counterterrorism agent named Jack Bauer. One day while hanging out with his friends, the group came up with the pun filled moniker of Agent Jack Meower as a comedic name for a cat. Derek jokingly proclaimed that if he ever got a cat, he would don him with the title, but the joke became serious after Derek found a tiny kitten fighting for his life in the snow.

"He wasn't going to make it without medical help so I wrapped him up and took him to the veterinarian," said Derek. "They were able to save his life and afterwards I took him home."

After bringing the tiny cat home, Derek decided it was fitting to keep him. Derek kept his promise and the name Agent Jack Meower was born.

"People think the name is hilarious," said Derek. "The veterinary office loves his name. They always make sure to write his full name on the white board in the lobby for everyone to see."

Agent Jack Meower has since matured into an adult with an energetic, ornery and slightly mischievous personality, much like the character he was named after. Agent Jack Mewoer now enjoys a life playing with and annoying his furry siblings, especially Derek's dog.

Derek signed Agent Jack Meower up for pet insurance through Nationwide after discovering that the feline was somewhat injury prone.

"I think pet insurance is a great idea," said Derek. "It helps ease the costs that come along with keeping your pets healthy."

Derek Klingel Nationwide member since 2014


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