October 2019

Real Life October 2019

A stray comes home

True friendship doesn’t always arrive on schedule, but it’s never late. “I had wanted a dog for about three years when I first moved to Atlanta, but I knew that I didn't have the time,” Jessica says. Then,

Treats October 2019

Keep trick or treat sweet

Download and share this infographic full of tips to help prevent poisoning, choking and other accidents, and help ensure a safe and happy holiday for your employees and their furry family members.

Tips October 2019

Give em' what they want

Featuring highlights from the Nationwide-HABRI study, this infographic illustrates how pet-related perks can have a powerfully positive effect on employees' attitudes and satisfaction.

News October 2019

Using voluntary benefits to achieve employee goals

A recent study, the result of a partnership between Nationwide and HABRI, proves pet-friendly policies make it possible.