July 2017

Extras July 2017

Dogs get sunburned too!

Share information with your employees about the hazards their pooches can experience in the summer heat. Our fun infographic teaches pet parents about how to keep their dogs healthy during the summer months, including how to apply sunscreen

 Real–Life July 2017

July real-life claim story

Be introduced to an army veteran and the female puppy he brought home from war-torn Afghanistan. Learn why he chose to get Nationwide® pet insurance to protect her.

Treats July 2017

Traveling with pets

Give your employees some valuable suggestions about how to enjoy vacations with their pets. Our infographic shows how they can keep their furry family members protected, comfortable and cool so they can happily journey together on a summer adventure!

Tips July 2017

The impact of summer absences

Summer absences can be problematic for the workplace environment, whether they’re planned vacations, unannounced time off or emergencies. Download our infographic for helpful insights about how you can keep your office operating normally

News July 2017

Ways to have a non-bummer summer in the workplace

It's a challenge to get employees engaged and the workplace operating normally in the summertime. Delve into the nuts and bolts of how to increase productivity during this time of year.