Extras January 2016

Winter pet dangers

Lower temps equal a higher incidence of weather-related pet emergencies. Use this infographic to warn pet-owning employees about winter hazards and their potential costs.

Extras September 2016

Don't be scared – get prepared

Preparation is key to keeping pets safe during an emergency—and because September is National Disaster Preparedness month, now is the perfect time to start. Share this infographic to help your employees create disaster plans

Extras November 2016

Beware these five festive foes

A delicious feast for humans may be deadly for dogs. This infographic reveals how common foods and ingredients on the Thanksgiving table can cause vomiting, choking, poisoning and more in your

Real-Life January 2016

January real-life claim story

Starting a family is a big step in many people's lives...

Treats January 2016

Free tools & materials available

You're probably aware that VPI is now Nationwide, but do your employees know? We’ve put together a helpful Brand Transition Kit if you’d like to update your employee communications.

Tips January 2016

Attain financial wellness with pet insurance

We all know pets can be expensive, but do you know how much your employees are spending annually on pet care? Learn the facts and see how Nationwide can help by downloading the Financial Wellness Infographic below.

News January 2016

The dollars and sense of pet ownership

For pet owners and vets, recent findings that show the immense health benefits of life with a pet come as no surprise. From lower stress and better cardiovascular health to decreased allergies and

Extras March 2016

Engage employees and their pets

Download and share this infographic with employees to encourage them to SAY YES to better health. For more fun stuff to get employees engaged, check out our free SAY YES wellness program

Real-Life March 2016

March real-life claim story

Thinking inside the litter box.


Say YES to employee wellness

Want a fun, easy way to encourage employees-and their pets-to adopt more healthful habits? Request a complimentary SAY YES kit from Nationwide®.

Tips March 2016

Workplace wellness programs

We all know that healthy employees are more productive and less costly to insure. Still need more reasons to implement a workplace wellness program? Read on.

News March 2016

Recommit to healthy New Year's resolutions

Getting fit. Eating healthy. Spending more quality time with loved ones. Every January your employees step into the New Year with renewed commitment and enthusiasm to improving their