November 2016

Extras November 2016

Beware these five festive foes

A delicious feast for humans may be deadly for dogs. This infographic reveals how common foods and ingredients on the Thanksgiving table can cause vomiting, choking, poisoning and more in your

Real-Life November 2016

November real-life claim story

Nationwide member Teri Moerschel hadn't had a pet in 24 years. It simply hadn't been in the cards, considering her late husband's severe allergy to dander. But nearly a year to the day after her husband passed, Teri received a gift she never expected.

Treats November 2016

Have a healthy holiday

The holidays are prime time for colds, flu and other health issues for employees and their pets. Download and share these physical and mental wellness tips to help get them both safely through the season and into the New Year.

Tips November 2016

Stay in the know

Want to keep on top of voluntary benefit news as it happens? Connect with Nationwide Pet on LinkedIn, and you’ll always have access to the latest industry updates, wellness tips, and coverage information for your employees' furry family members.

News November 2016

Ward off winter wellness woes

Winter holidays summon up images of delicious food, sparkling lights and warm family gatherings. On the down side, this time of year also brings unwanted gifts in the form of sniffles, sneezes and