March 2017

 Extras March 2017

Have a happy St. Patty's Day

Don’t rely on the luck of the Irish to keep pets safe. Share this infographic to help your employees identify holiday foods and drinks that can harm their furry companions.

Real–Life 	March 2017

March real-life claim story

Dachshund siblings Olivier and Benoit shared everything—including the same severe back condition. Learn how they overcame it with support from their pet parent and a little extra assistance from Nationwide®.

Treats March 2017

Pet poisoning perils

Do not forget pets during Poison Prevention Awareness Month. This infographic can help your employees remove potential toxins in the home from the bathroom to the garage, as well as recognize the signs of poisoning.

Tips 	March 2017

Start the spring culture detox

March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month, which makes it a great time to check your workplace for signs of a toxic culture. Learn about the red flags and tips for cleaning up problems.

News March 2017

Spring detox: cleaning up your corporate culture

Toxic workplaces can be deadly for employee morale, productivity and engagement. Read what the experts are saying about this pervasive problem and how to recognize and repair it.