May 2017

Extras May 2017

Fun facts for dog lovers

From beagle to Yorkie, get the lowdown on the top 10 dog breeds’ most popular names, common health issues and more.

Real–Life May 2017

May real-life claim story

Elsi the cat loved homemade pasta sauce, but it didn't love her back. Find out how Nationwide® coverage helped pay for this curious kitten's care when she got into the leftovers not once, but twice.

Treats May 2017

Brush up on petiquette

Download and share this infographic to help your employees prepare for a successful workday with their pets.

Tips May 2017

A dog's day

Hosting a Take Your Dog to Work Day® event this year? This customizable flier will help you get the word out while reminding employees about their pet insurance benefits.

News May 2017

Paws in the office

Take Your Dog to Work Day® is coming up on June 23. Find out how participating can give employees a morale boost-and why some companies are choosing to allow pets in the office year-round