Extras January 2018

Pet insurance 101

How does pet insurance really work? Find out how a policy can help employees plan for their pets’ healthcare and offset the cost of both routine care and unexpected emergencies.

Extras March 2018

Prevent Easter illness

Share this infographic to help employees learn about one of the most common (and costly) Easter accidents for pets, and ensure a happy holiday for all.

Extras May 2018

Keep it cool

Warmer weather means more trips to the dog park.

Real–Life July 2018

Aid for Annabelle

When Annabelle the beagle suffered a mysterious injury, the situation looked grim. Find out how Nationwide helped owner Melissa afford the best care for her faithful friend.

Real Life September 2018

The great outdoors

A sudden, life-threatening condition couldn't stop Mighty Max

Real–Life January 2018

January real-life claim story

This bulldog puppy became critically ill with multiple organ failure just before Christmas—but with the best medical care, plus financial support from Nationwide®, he's back with his loving family.


Paws up for pet insurance

See how Nationwide® helps your employees guard their furry family members' health with My Pet Protection—featuring 90% cash back on vet bills.

Tips January 2018

Get the lowdown on benefits communication

What are the most common goals, channels and challenges when it comes to communicating with employees about benefits? Our infographic breaks it all down and offers tips for success.

News January 2018

Don't stop talking

Open enrollment may be over, but continuing to communicate about benefits all year long is a great way to increase employee satisfaction and engagement.

Real–Life March 2018

March real-life claim story

Vision loss from juvenile cataracts won’t slow down this happy husky.

Treats March 2018

Companions by day and night

Does your dog snore? Hog the covers? You're probably not alone. Pet owners reveal their dogs' sleeping habits in this infographic to share with employees.

Tips March 2018

Time to spring forward

It's almost here: Daylight Saving Time starts on March 11, 2018. Check out and share these four tips to make the annual transition easier for