November 2015

Extras November 2015

Help us spread the word about pet cancer

Did you know that pets are susceptible to the same cancers as humans? And for employees with pets, nursing a dog or cat through cancer treatment can be stressful and costly.

Real Life November 2015

November real-life claim story

Dog monkeys around with Gorilla Glue, ends up in ER.

Treats November 2015

The Digital Media Kit is here!

You spoke, we listened. We’ve made it super simple for you to get the content you need—whenever you need it.

Tips November 2015

Communicate more effectively with employees

On average, business users sent and received 121 emails a day in 2014.* That’s a lot of information to process—even for the most talented multi-tasker!

News November 2015

The facts on private health insurance exchanges

The current hot topic in the world of insurance is private health insurance exchanges, or “private exchanges.” Although the discussion is relatively new, most private exchanges have been in