Bilbo Beggins

2019 Wacky Dog Name Nominee

No beggin’ necessary, Bilbo Beggins is nominated for the Wackiest Pet Name of the year

As a long-time fan of the Lord of the Rings, Lisa Manicke’s husband always knew he’d have a dog named Bilbo Beggins—partially in honor of the books and partially in honor of his childhood dog who was always told, “No begging!”

“My husband actually had the name picked out long before Bilbo came into our lives,” says Lisa. “As a child, his father used to scold their family dog saying, ‘No begging,’ which turned into ‘No Bilbo Beggins’ because they’re all fans of Lord of the Rings.”

Though there are many things Bilbo Baggins the hobbit hates, one thing we think he’d love is the mixed breed dog creatively named after him.

Lisa and her husband were inspired to get pet insurance because they love the peace of mind that comes with knowing Bilbo Beggins is protected.

“I love my dog with all my heart,” Lisa says. “[I] never want to have to decide if we can afford to keep him alive. I like the security of knowing we can give him the care he needs if he should have an accident or get sick.”

Lisa Manicke Nationwide pet insurance member since 2014


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