Henry Hissinger

2019 Wacky Cat Name Nominee

Not the Secretary of State … but a VIP (Very Important Pet) nonetheless

As first-time cat owners, Brittany Mitchell and her husband were quite surprised at the reaction their newly adopted black cat, Henry, had when he was first introduced to their dog, Tucker.

“We have never had a cat before,” says Brittany. “We did it totally wrong, we sat him down and introduced him to our dog and Henry looked at Tucker and just started hissing. We were just like, ‘Whoa!’ He seemed like this sweet little thing and here he is hissing like crazy,” she Brittany. “We thought Henry Hissinger sounded funny.”

Well, we thought it sounded funny too, so Henry Hissinger has made our top 10 list of Wacky Pet Names in 2019.

Having had a diabetic dog in the past with no insurance, Brittany and her husband felt compelled to get coverage for their current pets to be the best pet parents they could be.

“We just decided we’d be really responsible and get pet insurance and its been the best decision we ever made,” she says. “It’s more than paid for itself!”

Brittany Mitchell Nationwide pet insurance member since 2016


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