2019 Wacky Cat Name Nominee

As feisty as his name alludes

When Deepak Reddy got his cats, he knew that he wanted to name them something that started with the letter “A”, but he never expected Alclawchino to stick.

But after realizing the cat was “all claw,” the name began to form organically. “He’s pretty rowdy like Scarface,” Deepak explains.

Given the fiery name, we wondered how people typically react. “Some people smile and some people laugh,” says Deepak. He goes on to add, “Most of them do smile, especially the nurses at the vet hospitals.”

This unique name made us smile too, which is why it has made the 2019 Wacky Pet Name nomination list.

As a believer in insurance and understanding that sometimes things happen, Deepak was adamant about getting pet insurance for his kitties.

“Accidents do happen,” he says. “And my company has a corporate discount with Nationwide, so every year I do the checkups and shots for the cats.”

Deepak Reddy Nationwide pet insurance member since 2017


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