Edward Scissorpaws

2018 Wacky Cat Name Nominee

After losing her previous cat, Loretta Majoy of Huron, Ohio, was devastated by the loss and eager to fill an empty void in her family. One year later, a co-worker aided her efforts when her cat had kittens who needed a loving home. Loretta met and adopted an American shorthair kitty and immediately started on the search for a name.

Years prior to adopting her newest companion, Loretta had an acquaintance named Edward who they would often jokingly refer to as 'Edward Scissorhands,' and the name seemed to stay with her, even years later.

"I liked the name Edward, and I liked the name Edward Scissorhands," said Loretta. "I thought it would be funny to change Scissorhands to Scissorpaws. The name has stuck ever since."

Ten years later, Edward Scissorpaws has grown into an older, grumpy little cat who enjoys sitting and occasionally talking trash to Loretta's friends.

Loretta is no stranger to pet insurance and purchased Nationwide policies for Edward Scissorpaws and his two sisters, Jinga and Bola Taiwo.

"I recommend pet insurance to all my friends," said Loretta. "It helps me protect myself and my pets for those unexpected veterinary expenses that you can't plan for."

Loretta Majoy Nationwide member since 2009


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