Mewpocalypse Yarn Killer

2018 Wacky Cat Name Nominee

Adopting a cat was not in the plan for Ken and Kristina Elder-Flores of Hollister, California, but when a family friend came across a kitten who needed a home, the couple decided to pay the kitten a visit.

"It was Thanksgiving night and Kristina and I decided to go and take a look at the kitten," said Ken. "I picked up the little guy and he nuzzled his way into my chest so peacefully. There was no way we were leaving without him."

When deciding on what to name the 4-week old white kitten, Ken was reminded of a t-shirt he saw online a month prior to adopting his new cat. The t-shirt had a photo of a white cat and a ball of yarn with the words "I am the unraveler of worlds." The resemblance between the cat on the shirt and their new kitten was uncanny, and Ken knew the shirt had to play a part in the kitten's name. Having a faint meow, the couple thought of the word Mewpocalypse, and thought back to the shirt and the ball of yarn. Kristina embroiders and works with yarn, and the thought of 'Yarn Killer' popped into their heads. The couple put all their thoughts together and thus Mewpocalypse Yarn Killer was derived.

Since that Thanksgiving night, Mewpocalypse Yarn Killer has proven to fit in perfectly with the Elder-Flores family and their older cat, Gracie. Though Gracie took some time to warm up to Mewpocalypse Yarn Killer, the duo has become the best of friends.

Nationwide pet insurance is offered as a voluntary employee benefit through Kristina's employer and the couple decided to sign both cats up for pet insurance.

"Our cats are a part of our family and anything can happen to them," said Ken. "We knew that having pet insurance would help us defray veterinary expenses, allowing us to provide the best medical care for our furry family members."

Kristina and Ken Elder-Flores Nationwide members since 2017


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