Zoe Max Berger Sacks

2020 Wacky Dog Name Nominee

When it comes to naming, it’s a family affair

Getting an entire family to agree on a name for a pet can be challenging. That’s why it’s all the more impressive that the Berger Sacks family came up with Wacky Pet Name 2020 nominee name Zoe Max Berger Sacks.

“We came up with Lucy, but one of my son’s girlfriend is named Lucy so we thought Zoe,” Lindsay says. “My grandfather passed away last march and his middle name was Max, so we gave her his middle name.” Finally, Berger-Sacks is the family name, so that became the final flourish.

The Berger Sacks family love their little Cavapoo. “She’s like a comedian,” says Lindsay. “She’s just so sweet, she loves to play and she loves food. If she’s asleep and she hears the fridge, she’s there before the door opens,” she adds with a laugh.

While family and friends also get a laugh when they here Zoe’s name, the Berger Sacks have accepted that it means something different to each family member—in fact, they all call her something different.

Lindsay knows first-hand how difficult it can be to settle on a name. She offers this advice: “Don’t ask the kids! To make it easy, pick a name and stick to it. It took us about 3-4 weeks to settle on a name democratically.”

As someone who has always wanted a pet, Lindsay is completely happy with the decision to bring Zoe home. She also listened to a friend and got pet insurance. That way, she can be the best pet parent she can be.

Lindsay Berger-Sacks Nationwide pet insurance member since 2020


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