Fernsbane the Inquisitive

2020 Wacky Cat Name Nominee

A regal title for the curious queen of the house

This curious cat may have stumbled upon his name, and it’s earned Fernsbane the Inquisitive a 2020 Wacky Pet Name nomination.

According to pet parent Tonya Cortright, this rescue cat’s first mission was house exploration. “We let her come out of the crate and the first thing she did was go right to the fern and ate it,” she says with a laugh. “She is the bane of ferns.”

She may also be the bane of cuddles too. “She’s a kitty on her own terms,” says Tonya. “I want to snuggle and hold her, and she usually wants nothing to do with that, but she loves my husband.”

When it comes to naming your cat, Tonya recommends watching and seeing. “Just watch them and see what they do, their personalities will name them.”

She might have named her Popcat had she known Fern would have such an interest in popcorn. “Fern is a popcorn fanatic and we learned this the hard way. Of course, we never give it to her, but she always comes running when a fresh bag is made,” says Tonya.

The Cortright family purchased pet insurance from Nationwide because they know how expensive it can be to care for a pet. “Our older cats both had a slew of medical issues and we spent thousands of dollars on them just to maintain their quality of life,” says Tonya. “We want to do whatever it takes to make sure our cats are healthy, happy and comfortable.”

Tonya Cortright Nationwide pet insurance member since 2019


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