2020 Wacky Cat Name Nominee

At the center of the uni-purr-se

As a big time fans of puns, it only made sense for Scott Maggio and his wife to name their mixed-hair tabby Copurrrnicus, landing him a spot on the 2020 Wacky Pet Names Nominee list.

This adventurous little cat has been quite the ball of life for the Maggios.

“He’s fun,” says Scott. “He jumps on things and hides in dresser drawers. He will even jump from the ground into your arms, whether you’re ready or not.”

The Maggios usually call him Cappy at home, but they say that when they use his full name people love it.

“When we say his name we make sure to emphasize the purrr sound and people get a good chuckle,” says Scott.

When it comes to naming your pet, Scott recommends having fun with it, because it will last forever—and it should fit their personality.

The Maggio family learned about pet insurance from their employer and soon both of their cats were covered.

“We got pet insurance so that we would never have to make the tough decision between a life-saving surgery and our finances.”

Scott Maggio Nationwide pet insurance member since 2014


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