Ella Whiskers Oreo Hurst

2020 Wacky Cat Name Nominee

A sweet name for a kitty with endless personality

Sara Hurst always wanted a cat that looked like an Oreo—a black cat with white socks, that is—and eventually her wish was granted. When she finally took home a local rescue cat, she crowned her with the name Ella Whiskers Oreo Hurst.

“Ella was staying with my local vet at the clinic and needed a home,” says Sara. “The local vet named Ella ‘Whiskers’ because her whiskers were so long, which was appropriate, but my son thought her name should be Oreo because she is black and white. To keep her from losing her sense of identity, I named her Ella Whiskers Oreo Hurst.”

This unique name has landed Ella Whiskers Oreo Hurst a spot on our 2020 wackiest pet names list.

Aside from the funny name, the Hurst family is often tickled by Ella when she’s bird growling. “She sits by the window and grrrs at every bird she sees.  The closer they are, the louder she gets,” says Sara.

The Hurst family purchased pet insurance from Nationwide to be responsible pet parents. “We know animals are expensive and our vet also recommended we look into this.”

Sara Hurst Nationwide pet insurance member since 2018


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