Tango Mango

2017 Wacky Dog Name Nominee

Faith Michaels of Brookline, Massachusetts has owned generations of Jack Russell terriers, and with each new puppy comes a creative name. Faith has given all of her puppies unique monikers that represent their traits or personalities. So when her female Jack Russell, Tally-Ho, was scheduled to give birth to a litter of puppies, Faith monitored the situation closely. As the puppies were being born, one tiny male seemed to have a little trouble with his footing.

"Tally-Ho couldn't quite decide where to give birth so she started to walk around," said Faith. "She took a few steps and one of the little puppies came out tip-toeing as his mother walked, almost as if he was doing the Tango dance. I decided to keep him and the name Tango Mango just came to me."

Tango Mango has now grown into a complete momma's boy whose favorite place is laying on Faith’s lap. He enjoys playing with his canine sister Violet, and has an odd hobby of running up trees and hanging from their branches.

Faith has been a longtime advocate of pet insurance and has had all her dogs insured with Nationwide for more than a decade.

"Jack Russells are very curious and tend to find trouble, so having pet insurance is a necessity for us," said Faith. "It's been a great investment for me."

Faith Michaels Nationwide member since 2005


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