Take a look at the world from a pet’s eye view

From our pets’ perspective, each small moment that we share

is the most important thing on earth—and every moment should be experienced to the fullest.

We’re thinking maybe everyone can gain something from that perspective.

Over the next few months, we’re going to celebrate a pet’s eye view by sharing stories with our members and friends on social media.
There will also be a fun sweepstakes, ways to feature your pet and so much more.

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A shared spoon of peanut butter, a mid-day snuggle, a sympathetic nuzzle at the right moment. Tell us about the special moments you’ve shared with your pet using #NWPetsEyeView.


Denise and Sadie Mae

Denise (owner) and Sadie Mae

In early March 2020, we were offered the opportunity to work at home due to the news of Covid-19. A few days later, Coco's Heart Rescue posted that they were doing a run to Missouri to pick up a load of dogs that were scheduled to either be auctioned or euthanized. Sadie Mae (aka "Minnesota") was one of eight Wheaten Terriers that arrived with more than 100 other dogs. The minute I saw her I knew I had found the dog I wanted to adopt. Read more.

Michael and Oscar

Michael (owner) and Oscar

Michael never planned on adopting a puppy. With a busy work schedule, and life in New York City, caring for a dog seemed unmanageable. But things soon changed when COVID struck, and he left the city for the Catskills, in upstate New York. Read more.

Dalerys and Archie

Dalerys (owner) and Archie

Going into 2020 was a hard year for Dalerys. Handling anxiety and being far from a family who lives in Puerto Rico can make life in New York City all the more overwhelming. Growing up, however, she’d turned to dogs to find comfort in her life. Read more.

Charlotte and Nima

Charlotte and Nima (owners)

Charlotte grew up with cats, while Nima never had a cat or a dog in his life. But the two of them both knew going into their relationship that one day they’d be getting a cat of their own. When shelter-in-place was advised, their search kicked into gear. Read more.

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