Michael and Oscar

Michael never planned on adopting a puppy. With a busy work schedule, and life in New York City, caring for a dog seemed unmanageable. But things soon changed when COVID struck, and he left the city for the Catskills, in upstate New York.

While driving, Michael received a call. The foster owner’s husband had just passed, and they were looking for someone to immediately adopt Oscar. Michael pulled up to see Oscar in a crate at the end of the driveway. An odd way to welcome the newest member of your life. In his attempt to get as far away from the unknown and hectic life of the city, Michael found a puppy that just wanted to be close. 

Now, Michael has a new routine. He’s traded his morning commute for morning walks to his small town bakery, where Oscar has become a town staple. Interactions have changed from strangers on the subway to familiar faces downtown, all knowing his and Oscar’s names. Michael even has a new motto, “When in doubt, take him out,” as he and Oscar learn from each other how to navigate their new lives: Together, working from home and never alone.

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