Recharge your voluntary offerings with a relevant, highly-requested benefit: Nationwide® pet health insurance

Employers love working with us. Here’s why:

Exclusive plans

Preferred pricing and payroll deduction discounts only available to employees.

Anytime enrollment

No deadlines, no problem—we have enrollment for employees year round.

Unmatched support

From a dedicated representative to free marketing support, you’re covered as well.

Zero cost to you

Add value to benefit packages without adding a dime to your bottom line.

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Nationwide pet insurance is available as a voluntary benefit for companies with at least 100 employees.

Pet ownership is on a pup-ward trend

“We have become increasingly bonded with our pets and more tuned into their care and wellbeing.

Companies of all sizes can play an important role in supporting employees who have pets. Offering pet-friendly perks such as allowing dogs in the workplace (regularly or occasionally) and offering pet insurance as a voluntary benefit are very meaningful ways to show they care.”

Heidi Sirota
Chief Pet Officer, Nationwide

Attract, engage and retain

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Learn more about the positive effects of offering pet insurance as a voluntary benefit

When pet insurance is offered vs. not offered, employees:


Want happier, healthier employees? Start with their pets

Helping employees keep their pets healthy is good for productivity—because happy, healthy pets equal happy, healthy employees!

Heart icon illustrating reduced blood pressure

Reduced blood pressure

Sleep icon illustrating reduced stress hormones

Reduced stress hormones

Cloud icon illustrating lower risk of depression

Lower risk of depression

Battery icon illustrating increased energy

Increased "feel good" hormones

Cell icon illustrating stronger immune system

Stronger immune system

Woman with dog in a picture frame

Did you know that employees with pets enjoy health benefits that their non-pet owning colleagues don't?

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