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Nationwide pet insurance is available as a voluntary benefit for companies with at least 100 employees.

This employee's voluntary benefit has proven very valuable.

All the love in the world can't seem to keep Sean and Irene Krohn's dog, Misty, from being a magnet for freak accidents.

From bee stings to ACL injuries to running into a car (yes, you read that right), their beloved "Misty Monster" has become a familiar face at the veterinarian's office.

That's why Sean and Irene are glad they signed up for Nationwide pet insurance through Sean's employer. Sean says it was "the best decision" they've made.

He adds with a laugh, "The insurance helped us not to have to get an extra job."

Sean Krohn and Misty Raleigh, N.C. Member since 2012

Want happier, healthier employees? Start with their pets.

Did you know that employees with pets enjoy health benefits that their non-pet owning colleagues don't?

  • Increased "feel good" hormones

    Increased "feel good" hormones

  • Lower risk of depression

    Lower risk of depression

  • Reduced blood pressure

    Reduced blood pressure

  • Reduced stress hormones

    Reduced stress hormones

  • Stronger immune system

    Stronger immune system

Helping employees keep their pets healthy is good for productivity—because happy, healthy pets equal happy, healthy employees!

We serve companies across the board.

One-third of Fortune 500 companies offer Nationwide pet insurance as a voluntary benefit. Here's a sampling of the wide variety of industries we work with:















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