Includes mixed breeds.

Cardiovascular System: (Heart and Vessels)Aortic or pulmonic stenosis; Mitral valve dysplasia; Cardiac septal defects
Digestive System:Malocclusion (misalignment of teeth); Esophageal diverticulum; Hiatal hernia; Meckel's diverticulum; Congenital megacolon
Pancreatic, Cholangio and Hepatic: (Pancreas, Gall Bladder and Liver)Portosystemic or portacaval shunt; Hepatic microvascular dysplasia (portal vein hypoplasia)
Dermatologic System: (Skin)Dermoid sinus; Collagen disorders; Excessive skin folds
Respiratory System: (Airways and Lungs) Brachycephalic airway syndrome; Stenotic nares; Elongated soft palate; Everted laryngeal saccules; Tracheal hypoplasia
Reproductive System:Cryptorchidism; Recessed juvenile vulva; Vaginal stricture; Hermaphroditism
Urinary System:Persistent urachus; Ectopic ureter; Pelvic bladder
Ophthalmic System: (Eyes)Imperforate lacrimal punctum; Persistent pupillary membrane; Retinal folds; Goniodysgenesis; Exophthalmos
Nervous System: (Brain, Spinal Cord and Nerves)Spinal deformities; Hydrocephalus; Caudal occipital malformation syndrome (COMS); Syringomyelia and hydromyelia; Myotonia
Aural: (Ears)Congenital deafness; Pinnal malformations
Musculoskeletal System:Brachycephalic syndrome; Vertebral malformations – stenosis, hemivertebra; Kinked or cork screwed tail; Peritoneopericardial hernia; Inguinal and umbilical hernias
Endocrine System:Pituitary dwarfism
Hematopoietic System: (Blood Disorders) Immunoglobulin deficiency (IgA)

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* This list provides examples of common congenital disorders and developmental defects. Congenital disorders and developmental defects are not covered under Nationwide Pet Insurance policies, even if they are not listed here. This list is meant as a guideline only, is not meant to be all-inclusive, and is subject to change based on developments in veterinary medicine. Some conditions listed in this document may also be considered hereditary in certain breeds.

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