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Ruth Bader Kitsburg

2021 Wacky Cat Name Nominee

Order in the court of Ruth Bader Kitsberg!

When it came time to select a name for her new kitty, law student Jennifer Rogers didn’t have to deliberate for long. Ruth Bader Kitsberg, named for the groundbreaking justice, fit the name to a tee: “She is opinionated—even more than most cats—and is all black with a little white patch at her throat, so she looks like she is wearing Supreme Court robes.”

Like RGB before her, RGK isn’t afraid to blaze her own path. “RBK is what I call a cog—a cat that acts like a dog. She loves playing … and she will bring me her toys one by one until I have a pile at my feet. She will play fetch and greets me at the door every time I come home. She is also a big fan of belly rubs.”

In her day-to-day life as a law student, Jennifer has to make a number of tough decisions. Getting pet insurance wasn’t one of them: “I get the pet insurance benefit through work,” she says.


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