Tips to prevent lost pets

July is Lost Pet Prevention Month. Here are some tips to help keep your pet safe.

Pets can easily get separated from us during a summertime event, a day at the beach or even at home during a fun fireworks display.

Dog with id


Make sure all gates and windows are secured so frightened pets can't escape. If your pet does manage to get out, proper ID is their best ticket home.

Always keep identification tags current and easy to read. Stay with anxious pets to offer comfort.

Offer a reward on the tag.

Include any medication information.

Get your pet microchipped.

Offer a quiet retreat from holiday fireworks

Your pet may be most comfortable in a crate or small room with familiar smelling blankets and toys to retreat and relax.

  • Close windows and play calming music or white noise.
  • Stay with anxious pets to offer comfort.

Pro tip: If fireworks are very stressful for your pet, consider veterinarian-prescribed sedation. Be sure to have medication on hand before noisy holidays.

Cat in crate
Lost dog sign

If your pet gets out, act quickly!

There’s no time to waste when you realize your pet is missing. Quick action makes a safe return more likely.

Post lost pet listings on social media with your location, recent pictures and a description of your pet.

Create flyers with your pet's picture and reward info.

Check with all area shelters and veterinary practices, not just the closest.

Report your pet as lost to the microchip registry.

Keep looking! Lost pets, especially microchipped ones, can be found weeks later.

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