Top 50 Wackiest Dog Names of 2019

Top 50 Wackiest Dog Names of 2019

The Most Unusual Dog Names of 2019

Many pet parents want their dogs to have names as unique as their personalities, but choosing one can be difficult. From cute, to funny, to just plain bizarre, see what our members came up with when naming their four legged friends.


  1. DJ Skribbles and Bits
  2. Albus Dumbledog
  3. Bilbo Beggins
  4. Captain Morgan Freeman
  5. Nostradogmus
  6. Ruff Bader Ginsburg
  7. Grampaw
  8. Indiana Bones
  9. Big League Chewie
  10. No Schitt Scherlock
  11. The Evil Dr. Porkchop
  12. Alexys Electra
  13. Apollo Rising Sun Of Zeus Burris
  14. Auggie Mc Doggie
  15. Barnaby Bones
  16. Beef Frank
  17. Bull Wrinkle
  18. Blackwaters Scrappy Dappy Doo Of Talking Water
  19. Bonita Gordita
  20. Bubba Snuggles
  21. Spartykiss
  22. Doodles Mcdude
  23. El Chalupacabra
  24. Floofy Mcfluffington
  25. Fudge Truffle Kadunkadunk
  26. Hotrod Whoofington
  27. Jiggle Wiggle
  28. Judge Nugget
  29. Louis Gaga Boots Berrie I King Of All Dogs
  30. Mango Mango Tango Tango
  31. Mean Muggin Magoo
  32. Naughty Bugatti
  33. Barkardi Gold
  34. Ozzy Mick Jagger Mclovin
  35. Peggy Sandwich
  36. Picklepuppy
  37. Piggy Mcwiggles
  38. Rocco Taco
  39. Ruby Gumbo Jambalaya
  40. Scarlet O Hairy
  41. Scruffy Mcgruff
  42. Sebastian Bok Choy
  43. Shimmer Me Timber
  44. Sock Monkey
  45. Squirt Magoo
  46. Stella Bean Dip
  47. Sweetpea Mcwaddles
  48. Tater Tot Von Booferhausen
  49. Tato The Potato
  50. The Big Ragu

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