Top 50 Wackiest Cat Names of 2019

Top 50 Wackiest Cat Names of 2019

The Most Unusual Cat Names of 2019

Many pet parents want their cats to have names as unique as their personalities, but choosing one can be difficult. From cute, to funny, to just plain bizarre, see what our members came up with when naming their four legged friends.


  1. Jean Clawed Van Damme
  2. Dave Meowthews
  3. Henry Hissinger
  4. Hairy Pawter
  5. Alclawchino
  6. Reece Whiskerspoon
  7. Wu Tang Cat
  8. Boba Fetticini
  9. Avocato
  10. Shtinky Puddin
  11. Admiral Turbo Meowington
  12. Albus Dumbledore Boss
  13. Apollo Stromageddon
  14. Yoyo Meow
  15. Bunsen Honeydew
  16. J'abba D'Cat
  17. Cinnamon Raisin Bagel The First
  18. Count Frodo Von Calico Of Pygmy Province
  19. Cricket MccrackeA27n
  20. Dj Mittens
  21. Doodle Mcnoodle
  22. Dr Frankenfurter Frankendoodles Von Frankenstein
  23. Executive Script Consultant Melinda M Snodgrass
  24. Fluff Smudge Nut
  25. Freddie The Thirteenth
  26. Edgar Allen Paw
  27. Jean-Luc Picat
  28. Lando Catrissian
  29. Luke Skywhisker
  30. Mc Cat Commander
  31. Mingus Pookiebutts
  32. Mushu Boo Boo
  33. My Friend Ben
  34. Neferkitty
  35. Old Man Hands
  36. Patches Hot Cat Mcgiliguddy
  37. Pippa One Sock
  38. Pizzeria Meow Meow Fluff-Ball Sir Meows-A-Lot
  39. Rip Van Wrinkle
  40. Rodney Danger Garfield
  41. Scratchy Sir Purr
  42. Seven Streams Apple Boots
  43. Chalupa Batman
  44. Skadoosh
  45. Thorin Oakenshield Kitty Under The Meowntain
  46. Threat Level Midnight
  47. Tumtum Mcpuff
  48. Tuxedo Burrito Camino
  49. Winston Purrchill
  50. Wookie Mcnibbles

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