Is Pet Cancer Treatable?

Is Pet Cancer Treatable?

More Options for Pet Cancer Treatment

In many cases, pet cancer is treatable. Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, there are more options for treating pets with cancer, helping improve their longevity and quality of life.

What Kinds of Treatments are Available?

As with human cancer, pet cancer treatments vary according to the type of cancer and how far it has progressed. Your regular veterinarian may refer you to a veterinary cancer specialist, also known as a veterinary oncologist, who will work with you to determine the optimal course of treatment for your pet. This may include surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

How Can I Protect My Pet From Cancer?

Because little is known about the causes of pet cancer, specific preventive treatments and actions are debatable. However, if you know that your pet’s breed is predisposed to certain types of cancers, you can certainly do your part by knowing the warning signs and taking your pet in for regular veterinary exams.

Financial Protection Against Pet Cancer

Nationwide provides cancer coverage for conditions such as oral melanoma, lymphoma, and bone cancer among others.