5 of the Most Painful Conditions for Cats Infographic

Common Ailments Often Go Unnoticed

Cats are very clever at concealing aches and pain. Due to their at-times independent nature, they also have a better chance hiding the fact that they are suffering. It's up to cat owners to watch for a change in behavior that may indicate something may be wrong and consult with a veterinarian.

Nationwide pet insurance's on-staff veterinarians teamed up with the Pet HealthZone to narrow down the list of some of the most painful conditions cats can experience. Unfortunately, some of these health conditions have a high occurrence rate in cats.

To learn more about causes and treatment options for these cat health conditions, please read our full-length article, 5 Painful Conditions for Cats. If you want to make sure you have pet insurance coverage for cat health conditions such as FLUTD, mouth problems, eye ulcers, blood clots or arthritis, get a free quote for your pet's enrollment. Multi-pet households are eligible for a discount.


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