Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

A royal favorite

The Pembroke Welsh corgi hails from Pembrokeshire, a county of southwest Wales. Interestingly, Pembrokes and their cousins, Cardigan Welsh corgis, were not considered to be two distinct breeds until 1934.

These adorable, affectionate low-riders have long been favored by British royalty. In fact, Queen Elizabeth II has owned more than 30 during her reign.

Is a Pembroke Welsh corgi right for you?

Pembrokes are loyal, eager to please and good with children. But keep in mind that they're highly intelligent and have tons of energy—a combination that can spell trouble without daily exercise and mental stimulation. An indoor living situation with access to an enclosed yard is ideal.

Pembroke care 101

Originally bred as herding dogs, Pembrokes need daily activity such as a long walk or vigorous play session. Their medium coats need a good brushing once a week.

Top 5 most popular Pembroke Welsh corgi names

  1. Max
  2. Lucy
  3. Cooper
  4. Daisy
  5. Charlie

Top 5 most unusual Pembroke Welsh corgi names

  1. Boliver Shagnasty McShortpants
  2. Bumpers Stompers Strong
  3. Tree Trunks
  4. Deweybooboo
  5. Oliver Dogsbody

Top 5 most common Pembroke Welsh corgi medical conditions

  1. Sprains
  2. Intestinal problems
  3. Stomach problems
  4. Osteoarthritis
  5. Skin allergies

Based on claims submitted by Pembroke Welsh corgi owners in 2015.