Designer Breed a Family Favorite

If you thought designer dog breeds were a newer trend during the past 10 years or so, think again. The cockapoo was one of the first mixed breed types of its kind, making its American debut circa 1950.

The cockapoo has remained a longstanding favorite over the years, unfortunately putting many dogs at a disadvantage as backyard breeders trying to make a quick profit ultimately produce unhealthy dogs.

Should you decide to adopt a cockapoo, make sure you ask thorough questions about the health and lineage of the dog's parents to ensure you are getting an actual cockapoo. 

While any dog may have the tendency to develop breed-specific medical conditions, this does not mean your cockapoo will necessarily be diagnosed with them.

One of the best things a pet owner can do for his dog is to visit a veterinarian regularly to monitor his health and take preventive measures to ensure his well being.