What Does Your Cat Say About You?

What Does Your Cat Say About You?

Cats And Owners May Share Similarities

It's a commonly accepted truth that we adopt animal companions who mirror our own personalities, quirks, levels of physical activity or emotional states. And the more cat owners you know, the more you realize how true this statement is. Quiet people tend to keep low-key cats, while outgoing folks will usually care for cats who are social, playful, affectionate animals.

So what does your cat say about you? More to the point, what type of person gravitates to what type of cat? According to the Cat Fanciers Association, here are some popular assumptions about the most popular breeds in the country:


Persian Cats

Known as the couch potatoes of the feline world, Persians are the perfect cats for homebodies, people who love nothing more than to have a beautiful animal companion by their side or accenting a lovely home.

Active folks may want to look elsewhere.

Siamese Cats


Elegant and poised, Siamese cats may be the most beautiful domestic animals on earth. They are incredible communicators with a variety of vocalizations.

People who love Siamese usually don’t care so much about peace and quiet at home…they want to interact with their cats and find out what’s on their minds. They also tend to be great communicators with others as well.

Calico/Tortoiseshell Cats


These mixed breed shorthairs are often favored by those who love their mottled, multi-colored coats and playful dispositions.

Calico owners are often family people who love beautiful things in their homes.

(It’s interesting to note that almost all calico/tortoiseshell cats are female.)

Maine Coon Cats


This large, powerful American cat is a bundle of devotion, gentleness and good nature, often bonding to one family for life.

Maine coon owners tend to be the same way: family-oriented people who are very loyal, and whose families may have lived in the same region for generations.

Abyssinian Cats


The gorgeous Abyssinian is a curious, active, high-spirited cat who gets into everything, has to find out about everything, and wants to be everywhere you are.

If you own one, it’s likely that you run a flexible house where creativity is valued above order, and that you can easily lose yourself in play or exploration.

American Shorthair Cats


This familiar cat is the most common in the country, and appeals to a wide range of owners.

Most commonly, people who own American shorthairs are family-centered but independent who want their pets to exhibit affection but also have a streak of healthy self-reliance.

Russian Blue Cats


These elegant, gorgeous silver-blue animals are quiet, clean, stately and intelligent, yet they have a hunter’s streak and a desire to receive affection.

Like American shorthair owners, Russian blue owners are often people who value independence but can also show great affection when the time is right.

Burmese Cats


Burmese are lovely cats who are both loyal companions and in constant need of affection. Owners are usually homebodies who spend free hours relaxing or entertaining at home, and enjoy spending time cuddling with cats and humans alike.

What Kind of Cat Are You?

Do you match your cat? Take this test and find out. Answers below.

  1. Would you describe yourself as:
    a. Outgoing
    b. Cheerful
    c. Guarded
  2. Where would you rather spend your free time?
    a. At home
    b. Out
    c. A mix of the two
  3. Would you rather spend an evening:
    a. Doing something out of your comfort zone
    b. Cooking something a bit creative for guests
    c. Curled up with a book
  4. When the opportunity arises, you will: 
    a. Play and get silly immediately
    b. Play or not, depending on your mood
    c. Watch others
  5. Are you…
    a. Comfortable with chaos:
    b. Happy with a creative mix of clutter and order
    c. A stickler for order, design and arrangement
  6. Your most prominent trait is:
    a. Playfulness
    b. Loyalty
    c. Intelligence 


Give yourself 3 points for each “a,” 2 for each “b” and 1 for each “c”. Total up the points and see what kind of cat you most resemble:

16-18 points: Abyssinian 13-15 points: Maine Coon 10-12 points: American Shorthair 7-9 points: Russian Blue 4-6 points: Siamese 1-3 points: Persian