Top 5 Pet Travel Tips

Smart Solutions for Pet Owners on the Move

Whether you’re traveling for the holidays or purely for a much-needed vacation, you may be one of the 29.1 million Americans1 who hit the road with your pet.

According to, an international pet travel and transportation industry service provider, most pet owners travel at least once a year with their pets. TripIt, a popular travel organizing app, recently revealed that 77% of of users surveyed indicated their travel plans would be influenced by their pets. According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association 37 percent of pet owners take their animals on the road, up from 19 percent about 10 years ago.

So, how can you and Fido have a stress-free journey? Here are the top five tips on maintaining creature comforts while in transit.

Pet Identification
  • Pet Identification
  • Pet Photo and Vaccination Records
  • Food-To-Go
  •  Pet-Friendly Hotels
  • Air Travel Strategy

1. Pet Identification

You don’t leave home without a proper ID, and neither should your pet. Make sure your cherished family companion wears a collar with current identification, including multiple phone numbers. If visiting family, consider having a new tag printed that also lists a local phone number. Also ensure that your pet is microchipped and that their microchip registration is current. Many pets escape without their collars and tags, and if they are far from home, a microchip may be their only chance of getting home.