Dog-Friendly Cities

Dog-Friendly Cities

Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco Are Top Choices

If you love to travel and can’t bear the thought of leaving Fido or Max at home, it might be a good idea to research some dog-friendly vacation spots before hitting the road.

Depending on what is important to you when traveling with your pet, there are a number of resources available to help narrow down your final dog-friendly destination. Pet-Friendly City Travel Resources, an online dog magazine, has conducted an annual search for dog-friendly cities across the nation. Cities are researched and evaluated on a number of criteria, including top veterinary professionals, dog parks, canine-friendly businesses, shelter-euthanasia rates and owner responsibility. Their top dog-friendly city picks?

  • Portland, Ore., was recognized for their abundance of dog parks, social network and the ability to take your dog into a pub.
  • Seattle, Wash., boasts an indoor dog park, meetup groups for dog lovers, and plenty of dog-friendly businesses for you to visit with your pup.
  • San Francisco, Calif., has the lowest average pet deposit for renters, allows dogs to rise the trolleys, and is home to an annual festival called DogFest that celebrates dogs, and fundraises for a local elementary school.

Another resource for dog owners,, the leading provider of nationwide city and travel guides for dog owners, helps people find places they can enjoy together with their dogs, such as lodging, attractions and dining. Visitors to the site are able to browse various categories by state, and even read articles to brush-up on doggie travel etiquette.

Little Things Count

What else makes a city perfect for a pooch? It’s not always dog parks and the amount of animal hospitals, says Lisa Matvia, a life-long dog owner in Brunswick County, N.C. She explains, “It’s the little things like ‘dog-crossing’ signs, city sidewalks with low pedestrian traffic and readily available doggie waste bags that tell you if a city is truly dog-friendly.”

For others, long-term dog-friendly factors are more important.

“When I moved to California from the East Coast, it was important for me to find an apartment that accepted my two dogs,” says Aimee Sterling, a dog owner in Orange County, Calif. “It wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be. The places I found [that did take dogs] had weight restrictions—which was fine for my situation—but I understand how it could be difficult for others.”

Pet Insurance for Pooches on the Move

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