5 Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dogs

5 Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dogs

Pooches Can Partake in Festivities

If you’ve always wanted to include your dog in the annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, now you can. Why should people always get to have all the fun? Check out these festive sweaters that will keep your four-legged fashionista cozy and cute, er, sort of cute.

This reindeer dog sweeter has a few bonuses: First, it’s affordable; second, the colors are appropriately holiday-ish. Your dog will not only look like super cute and festive, he or she will also sport a happy reindeer — on his or her back for all to see.

Available on Amazon in sizes XS to 2XL.

ugly xmas sweater lights

No one will be jealous of your dog when he or she is wearing this truly ugly Christmas dog sweater. Check out that colorful snowflake embroidery. The 80s is calling: they want those those pom-poms back!

Are those ornaments with bows? And Christmas lights?

What’s Christmas without a snowman? In this case, a sad snowman. A very sad snowman dog sweater.

ugly xmas snowman

Why? Because there’s a dog doing his, uh, business up against said snowman. So ugly, right?

Available in size S on  Amazon.com.

Note: Err on the side of caution and never leave your dog alone while wearing a dog sweater. In the case your dog experiences anxiety or starts to panic in your absence, a garment can become restricting and lead to injury.