5 Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dogs

5 Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dogs

Pooches Can Partake in Festivities

ugly xmas sweater reindeer

If you’ve always wanted to include your dog in the annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, now you can. Why should people always get to have all the fun? Check out these festive sweaters that will keep your four-legged fashionista cozy and cute, er, sort of cute.

This elk dog sweater has a few bonuses: First, it’s cheap (free shipping, too!); second, the colors are appropriately holiday-ish. Your dog will not only look like a tubular candy cane, he or she will also sport a happy elk — or is that really a deer? — with a heart nose, on his or her back for all to see.

Available on Amazon in sizes XS to XL.

But wait. There’s more: You can buy a MATCHING sweater! Yes! Check it out.

ugly xmas sweater lights

No one will be jealous of your dog when he or she is wearing this truly ugly Christmas dog sweater. Check out that colorful snowflake embroidery. The 80s is calling: they want those those pom-poms back!

Are those ornaments with bows? And Christmas lights?

Maybe your dog is supposed to look like a walking Christmas tree.

This sweater is evidently a winner as stock is low; order quickly before you miss out.

Ugly Xmas Sweatersx striped reindeer

This reindeer dog sweater is definitely rocking a 70s vibe with that lovely shade of yellow.

And check out those odd green and red bars; others will wonder if your dog is trying to launch a quantitative PowerPoint presentation on his or her back about reindeer and Christmas trees.

Maybe the reindeer are doing an iteperative dance through the trees...on an Atari game screen. This ugly Christmas dog sweater is clearly thought provoking.

Available in sizes S to XXL on UglySweaters.com.

ugly xmas sweater tree

Yesssss! We love an argyle sweater. Such a classic pattern, it never ever goes out of style. Except when there’s an ugly grinning Christmas tree added to the mix.

Since when do Christmas trees have faces?

The manufacturer calls it "a comical tree applique." We think the tree has had way too much eggnog.

Unfortunately, your dog will never actually see the fantastically unsightly design on his or her back, but you will.

Available in sizes S to XXL on UglySweaters.com.

What’s Christmas without a snowman? In this case, a sad snowman. A very sad snowman dog sweater.

ugly xmas snowman

Why? Because there’s a dog doing his, uh, business up against said snowman. So ugly, right? Would you wear it, too? If so, consider yourself a winner because there’s an identical ugly Christmas sweater for people; you and your pooch can be twinsies! Party on.

Available in sizes S to XXL on Amazon.com.

Note: Err on the side of caution and never leave your dog alone while wearing a dog sweater. In the case your dog experiences anxiety or starts to panic in your absence, a garment can become restricting and lead to injury.