4 Gadgets for Your Pet's Wellbeing

4 Gadgets for Your Pet's Wellbeing

Unique Products Offer Remedies

Pet products are a billion dollar industry with a seemingly never-ending variety of new, cool things for our furry companions.

Some of those products may actually help us when it comes to curbing our pet’s poor eating habits or helping soothe sore muscles.

Here are a few of the latest pet gadgets to hit the market.

1. Therapy Doggie Wraps


Ideal for older dogs with arthritis, the Therapy Doggie Wraps are made with a special material used to help decrease stiffness, swelling and pain.

Designed to be worn around your dog’s legs, the wraps may also be used on younger dogs for muscle recovery.

So, how does it work? The wraps are made with Celliant™/Holofiber®, which has been clinically proven to help relax the capillary bed, increasing oxygenation of the blood and contributing to such therapeutic benefits as relief from soreness, stiffness and swelling.

Celliant/Holofiber was originally created by Draper Canine Therapy® for people, not pooches, and was tested in the sports market on athletes such as Olympian Michael Jones.

Make sure you have a chat with your veterinarian about using the Therapy Doggie Wraps before buying the product for your dog.

2. I See Spot Recover Cones


Recovery never looked so good for your canine companion! These decorative e-collars will have your dog healing in style.

An alternative from the plastic cones given to you by your veterinarian, the i-see-spot e-collars are made out of waterproof fabrics with a Velcro closure and an adjustable, toggled drawstring for your dog’s neck size.

You can choose from 6 different patterns. Each e-collar folds flat for easy storage and is machine washable.

3. Eat Better Bowls

all bowls

Does your dog inhale meals in record time as if he or she hasn’t eaten in days?

Then an EatBetter® Bowl may be just what you need to curb that behavior — and prevent a serious health condition associated with fast-paced eating such as bloating, indigestion and vomiting.

EatBetter bowls have a raised wishbone-shaped partition, creating an obstacle to prevent gulping or vacuuming eating behaviors. Navigating around the wishbone, should help to train your dog to eat slower by taking smaller mouthfuls and chewing more.

EatBetter bowls are available in three sizes to suit all dogs small and large and encourage eating at a healthier pace.

4. Wahl EZ Nail

wahl ez nail clipper

Many pet owners — particularly those of us with large-breed dogs — struggle with routine nail trimming. Our dogs become nervous and — as we wield the dreaded nail trimmer — we’re afraid of trimming the nails too short and hurting our dogs in the process.

Perhaps Wahl’s EZ Nail trimmer can simplify the process for you and your pooch.

Both a nail trimmer and a rotary filer in one, the EZ Nail features a soft touch grip with an adjustable clipper guard for different nail lengths and a grinding stone so you can smooth any rough edges.

Remember: Your veterinarian is your first resource for questions about your pet’s health and what products are safe for your pet.