5 Cool Summer Gadgets for Dogs

5 Cool Summer Gadgets for Dogs

Products Offer Safety Measures

Soaring summer temperatures feel even hotter to dogs under their fur coats.

Venturing outdoors can be dangerous if your pup isn't protected from the heat. Heatstroke is, unfortunately, a common life-threatening condition for dogs — and one that can be easily prevented.

According to Nationwide pet insurance, members filed more than $152,208 in canine heatstroke claims in 2016. The average veterinary expense to treat heatstroke was $695 (excluding medication, diagnostics and secondary treatment).

Be prepared before you take your pooch on an outdoor excursion: Always carry an ample supply of water, keep your dog indoors as much as possible during the warmest hours of the day and never leave your dog in a hot car.

For fun family activities, or even a walk in the park, here are few cool gadgets that can also come to your pet's aid this summer:

1. Kool Collar


The KoolCollar has a simple approach: keep your dog cool with a collar that slowly drips water down the dog's chest, creating a natural evaporative effect. The dripping water simulates sweat and helps cool the dog's core temperature.

Easy to use, all the collar requires is ice cubes. The company also provides a KoolTube, a dry alternative that may be used instead of ice cubes and is best suited for indoor use. Simply freeze the KoolTube and insert inside the dog's KoolCollar for a cooling effect that lasts for 30 to 50 minutes.

The company says that its collars are non-toxic, semi-disposable and are non-staining, so they are safe to use inside your home and in your car.

2. Cooling Bandanna

Similar to the KoolCollar, the Cooling Bandanna offers relief to your dog from around the neck.

The Cooling Bandanna, however, does not work on a drip method. Made with non-toxic polymer crystals, the bandanna absorbs water and can cool your dog up to several hours. All you need to do is soak the bandanna for 15 to 30 minutes in cool water, then place around your dog's neck.

The bandanna is reusable and hand washable, and comes in a variety of sizes.


3. Dog Beach Cabana

If you're planning on spending the afternoon at dog beach, a park, a campground or in your own backyard, the Beach Cabana offers your pooch a shady spot away from the sun.

This lightweight, portable "tent" is collapsible and comes with a travel bag for easy storage. There are mesh windows on each side of the Beach Cabana for air flow.

Simply set up in a location not facing the sun and, depending on your pet's personal style, leave the nylon base bare or throw down a blanket or portable dog bed for added comfort.

4. Swamp Cooler Cooling Vests for Dogs

swampcooler Lrg

The Swamp Cooler Cooling Dog Vest is like a giant version of the KoolCollar and Cooling Bandanna but offers full-coverage cooling for your dog.

Soak the mesh vest in cold water, wring out excess water and fasten around your dog's torso. The Swamp Cooler Cooling Vest uses the evaporative cooling method: heat is released as the water evaporates and your dog's body begins to cool down.

The Swamp Cooler Cooling Vest has a three-layer construction: the mesh top layer generates evaporation, while the middle layer absorbs the cold water and the bottom layer cools your dog.

The vest also has adjustable, locking buckles so you can customize the vest to fit your dog comfortably. This vest may come in handy particularly for larger dogs while on long walks, hiking or camping.

5. Outward Hound Granby Ripstop Lifejacket for Dogs

Swamp Cooler Vest

It’s estimated that thousands of family pets die in drowning incidents each year, though real numbers are not known, because most incidents go unreported.

However, these tragedies are largely avoidable if precautions are taken, such as using a flotation aid for dogs. If your family goes boating on the ocean or a lake, or uses a pool, a lifejacket for your dog could help prevent a tragedy.

The Granby Ripstop Lifejacket features adjustable bands and flaps with quick-release buckles, and has a convenient top grab handle in case your dog needs assistance or you need to quickly lift your dog out of the water. Flotation padding is also built in to the front of the jacket to help support your dog's head while swimming.

Protect Your Pet from Summertime Dangers

While these products can help provide relief to your dog on a hot day, they are not end-all solutions. Take precautions during the summer to protect your pet from the elements. Look for telltale signs that your pet is suffering from heat exhaustion: heavy panting, increased drooling, confusion and lethargy are the first signs of trouble.

Severe symptoms include extremely high fever, profuse salivation and seizures. Immediate veterinary care is necessary because heat stroke is rapidly fatal.

Before heading outdoors with your pet for summertime activities, be sure to refer to your veterinarian for additional tips suited specifically to your type of dog.